May 7, 2009

How to Color An Object in Publisher

1. Open up your document.

2. When you are ready to insert the image, click "Insert", "Picture", "From File" and select the graphic you would like to use.

3. When you are ready to re-color the image, right-click onto it and select "Format Picture". A new box will open.

4. From the Picture tab, click on "Recolor". A new box will pop open where you can change the color of the image.

5. Select the color you would like to use.

6. Click "Ok" twice and you are done!
Why can't I use the Fill tool from the main toolbar?
The fill feature will fill in the background of the image (which in this case was transparent since we used a transparent .png image) and not the object itself. The image below shows the difference between the two tools.

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